Drugs NGOs In Action

We dedicate our collective efforts to the prevention and reduction of alcohol and substance use in our region
About us

We work on Drug Demand Prevention, Reduction, Treatment and Recovery from all the East Africa Member states

To promote research, create platform for vital information sharing on substance abuse and related illnesses among regional members.

To engage the EAC in progressive substance abuse policy formulation and implementation;


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We need to make a Vibrant Regional Platform that advocates for the prevention and reduction of substance abuse in East Africa Community


We commemorate World Drug Day & other thematics day

4-6th FEBRUARY, 2020

East African Regional Forum on Drug Prevention organized by WFAD held at Kampala

06 February, 2020

East Africa civil society organizations working on drug demand reduction meeting in Kampala Uganda

September, 2020

The East Africa Network for the Prevention and the Treatment of Substance Use Disorder Constitution

Our impact
Influencing the way people, organisations, and movements think and act about Drug.
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